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A Strategic Investment In Peach County

Located in the heart of Peach County, Pure Flavor® broke ground in September 2017 on a state of the art, high tech 75 acre greenhouse complex to grow tomatoes and cucumbers year-round.

Investing in Georgia will not only create new opportunities for jobs & regional economic development, but provide fresh greenhouse grown vegetables to millions of people across the USA. We will be Georgia Grown partners and want to tell everyone about it, one customer at a time.

Using the latest technology in agriculture, Pure Flavor® will produce millions of pounds of Georgia grown vegetables to ship throughout the state of Georgia to as far north as Virginia, west to Texas and south to Miami and everywhere inbetween.

Known worldwide for peaches and pecans, Peach County can now add Georgia grown Tomatoes & Cucumbers to their impressive list of home town favorites. Consistent quality & flavor, right in your backyard. Locally grown for you from a brand you can call your own.

Here we come, Georgia!

A blueprint of the greenhouse.
A blueprint of the greenhouse.

The Project Scope

  • Located in Fort Valley, GA; built on a 130 acre site, just 3 miles from I-75
  • High tech 75-acre greenhouse project; built in 3 phases of 25 acres
  • $105 million USD investment in Peach County, GA
  • New 75,000 sq. ft distribution center on site
  • Installation of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting to help grow year-round
  • Vegetables to be grown: Tomatoes & Cucumbers
  • Creating 200+ job opportunities over 5 years
  • Distribution area: GA, FL, NC, SC, AL, LA, AR, MS, TN, VA, KY, MO, TX
  • Largest facility of its kind in the southeastern USA
  • Accredited Georgia Grown Partner

"Having Pure Flavor invest in Peach County is proof positive that our community is attractive to newcomers and major international companies. It is confirmation that we possess all of the necessary qualities and assets that are ideal for a business to succeed and grow and we are thrilled and excited to welcome Pure Flavor into the Peach County family!"

BJ Walker, Executive Director - Development Authority of Peach County
George Grown logo.

Proud to be Georgia Grown

The Georgia Grown initiative is a promotional program spearheaded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to promote items grown in the state of Georgia. The #1 goal of the program is to aid agricultural economies by bringing together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism, and consumers in powerful, statewide community.

Pure Flavor® is a proud to be a new member of the Georgia Grown program and will be endorsing the brand on all items grown at the Peach County greenhouse facility. Be sure to look for the Georgia Grown logo!

What will we grow

A group of Tomatoes.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Left on their vines even after ripening, Tomatoes on the Vine continue to add nutrients and flavor from the Pure Flavor® greenhouses all the way to your home!
These firm yet juicy tomatoes are great for roasting on their own, in sandwiches and in fresh salads.

Two cucumbers. One sliced, one not.

Long English Cucumbers

Long English Cucumbers are seedless with a thin green skin. Made of almost 90% water, are full of vitamins, contain no fats, and make for a great hydrating snack!
Their cool and refreshing taste makes them perfect for summer salads and coleslaw!

The 2019 Pure Flavor Brand StoryBook.

Our 2019 Storybook

Take a flip through our storybook to learn more about our company and how our greenhouse grown veggies come to life. Like the colors of a rainbow, the flavors are endless and so are the opportunities to increase fresh consumption across North America.

Learn More about our company. Download Accessible PDF about our company.

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Pure Flavor® will have a variety of employment opportunities available at the new greenhouse facility in Fort Valley. A complete list of current open positions can be found by clicking here.

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Fresh Georgia Grown tomatoes and cucumbers can be used in a variety of recipes. From creative appetizers to salads and homemade Pizza, enjoy the flavor in every meal.

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